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Do you know a short hands-on experiment that fits the criteria of a Ciênsação experiment? Did it help your students to understand a specific phenomenon, foster scientific skills and advance towards the educational targets set in the curriculum? Then please share your knowledge with your colleagues and allow students worldwide to benefit.

Submitted experiments are peer-reviewed to ensure that they meet the high standards the Ciênsação team has set itself. This may mean that experiments pass one or more revision cycles before the editor approves them for publication.

Please keep in mind that the whole publication process – including reviewing, testing, editing, photographing, translating and website programming – is done by volunteers. We would appreciate if you prepare your submission carefully, respect the work of the reviewers and keep in mind that we all share one goal: a better science education for children.

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Ciênsação is published in Portuguese, Spanish and English. If your contribution is accepted for publication, and you are fluent in more than one of these languages, it would be appreciated if you could assist us with the translation of your experiment.

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