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Geography Game
age: 9 – 18

Journey around the world

This game is a nice way to finish a lesson or teach some geography when your students have difficulties to concentrate, e.g. in the last lesson before holidays.

Learning objective

Train the orientation on a world map.

Any geographic aspects you incorporate into your story.

Inflatable globes
Whiteboard marker

Prepare some story of Maria and Ronaldo traveling around the world (or a criminal fleeing the police), with references to different places and other geographic information. At each station the description of the place gets more difficult, starting e.g. with the name of the city, then referring to the capital of a state, the longest river on a continent, or the highest city in the Andes,..

Give each team an inflatable globe and a whiteboard marker. The team correctly tracing the highest number of destinations mentioned in the story wins.

Student Task

With a whiteboard marker, trace the destinations mentioned in the story your teacher is telling.


Using the motivational force of a team game, the students in each group will effectively teach each other as one student might recognize a place that others don't. This game also offers the possibility to reinforce some of the material you taught in the last lessons, if you manage to include them in the story.