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Physics Game
age: 7 – 10

Mirror targeting

This little game helps your students to intuitively grasp the concept of reflection before you provide the theoretical background.

Learning objective

Gaining a feeling for reflection.

Solving an engineering problem as a team.

Post-it note
Room that can be darkened

Divide your class in groups, and attach for each group a post-it note as target on a wall. Then distribute the material and explain the rules before darkening the room.

Student Task

Your goal: Hit the target with the light of your torch after reflecting it on as many mirrors as possible. The team which reflects the light on the largest number of mirrors before shining it on the target wins.


Your students will soon note that they have to bring the mirrors close together and hold them on firm ground, e.g. on a common table. Such strategies might look like cheating, but often are just good engineering. Use the opportunity to discuss which strategies provide an advantage in the game – and why.